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At Eye Gallery in Plano , TX, our optometrists can help you determine whether contact lenses are right for you with a contact lens exam. Often scheduled at the same time as your annual eye exam, during a contact lens exam, our optometrist will evaluate the patient's general eye health and perform a visual acuity test to determine whether any refractive errors are present and the patient's required corrective lens prescription. In addition to determining your corrective lens prescription, our optometrists will measure your eyes (cornea, iris, pupil, and arc) to determine the appropriate contact lens size to best fit your unique eyes. 

Our optometrist will also evaluate your eyes to determine what type of contact lenses will be the best fit for you. Our optometrist will work with you to help you decide on a type of contact lens based on your individual eye health, any eye conditions which you might have, your prescription, and your lifestyle preferences (such as how often you plan on changing contacts - daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). 

Certain conditions such as dry eye, astigmatism, keratoconus, presbyopia, and giant papillary conjunctivitis may make fitting contact lenses more difficult. At Eye Gallery, however, we strive to accommodate all of our patients by offering a wide variety of hard to fit contact lenses and additional lens options such as both soft and rigid gas permeable lenses, bifocal lenses, monovision, and toric lenses. 

In addition to our hard to fit lens options, we also offer cosmetic lenses. If you wish to change your eye color or correct eye discoloration to restore eyes to a natural tone, be sure to discuss your options with our optometrists. At Eye Gallery, we provide patients with a wide selection of contact lens hues to correct or change eye color. 

Contact Lens Evaluations and Your Annual Eye Exam

If you wish to be evaluated and fitted for contact lenses, we encourage patients to schedule a contact lens exam along with their annual eye exam. During your regular checkup, our optometrists will determine your corrective lens prescription and also evaluate and measure your eyes for contact lenses. Get out from behind those frames today. Call our offices to schedule your contact lens exam at Eye Gallery in Plano , TX. We look forward to seeing you!

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