Blurry Vision

Blurry vision

At Eye Gallery, our Plano optometrists have years of experience in serving the surrounding areas. From routine eye and vision exams to diagnosis and treatment of ocular conditions, our optometry team is committed to serving you. One of the more common vision problems that brings patients into our office is that of blurry vision. If you've recently noticed blurriness in your own vision, we have the resources and expertise to diagnose the cause and treat or manage the problem in our office.

Common Causes of Blurry Vision

Because there are so many potential causes for blurry vision, the first and perhaps most important step is to make sure we can narrow down the likely cause of your symptoms. For some, common eye problems like astigmatism are to blame for sudden blurry vision. With astigmatism, one or both eyes has an abnormal curvature on the lens, which in turn makes it difficult for your eyes to properly focus and causes blurry vision as a result.

Another common cause of blurred vision include myopia, a refractive error that can be corrected with prescription lenses, in most cases.

In other instances, however, blurry vision may be the sign of a more serious ocular condition, such as cataracts or even glaucoma. With cataracts, blurry vision occurs when cloudy spots form on the lens of the eye and grow over time. While most common in seniors age 60 and older, cataracts can happen at any time and those whose eyes are subjected to prolonged UV exposure are at higher risk.

Glaucoma, on the other hand, is a serious condition that can lead to blurry vision and even permanent vision loss if left untreated. Specifically, this condition occurs when pressure builds up inside one or both eyes, pressing against the optic nerve until vision loss occurs.

Treatment Options for Blurry Vision

We offer a variety of treatment options for blurry vision here at Eye Gallery. The first step, however, will be a thorough diagnostic exam to determine the root cause of your blurred vision. From there, we will take a number of factors into consideration in building a customized treatment plan to suit your needs and lifestyle.

In some cases, treatment will be as simple as having you fitted for a pair of corrective lenses or contact lenses. This can help to correct blurred vision, especially in instances where myopia or astigmatism is the cause.

In other cases, treating blurry vision will mean treating the condition directly, whether it be cataracts or glaucoma. Medications to reduce pressure in the eye, as well as laser procedures to remove cataracts, may be needed.

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If you're experiencing blurry vision, be sure to schedule an appointment with our Plano optometrists here at Eye Gallery so we can get to the bottom of it. You can request your appointment by calling our office at (972) 519-0006. We're open six days a week for your convenience.

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