Eye Allergies

Options for Eye Allergy Treatment

Eye allergies are best prevented by avoiding the things that trigger them, but this doesn't necessarily require staying indoors. Pollen and dust can be deflected away from the eyes by wearing sunglasses or regular glasses, and this can reduce symptoms to tolerable levels for many people. For those whose eyes bother them while inside, vacuuming using HEPA filters, controlling humidity, and taking steps to eliminate dust mites will help.

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How Can You Treat Eye Allergies?

Even with preventive measures, you'll probably experience eye allergy symptoms on some days. In the spring and fall, there is often too much pollen to avoid it all. Avoidance also may fail during a stretch of rain, which brings out both mold spores and fern pollen. Here are some ways you can treat eye allergies that flare up:

  • Use artificial tears – "Artificial tears" eye drops are often marketed to people with dry eye, but they're useful for allergy sufferers, too. They wash dust, pollen, and spores out of your eyes.
  • Try decongestant eye drops – These drops contain antihistamines, so they stop itching as well as redness and eye-watering. The only catch is that they should only be used for two or three days in a row. Otherwise, they can end up making things worse.
  • Take allergy medications – While these pills don't focus on the eyes, many over-the-counter (OTC) allergy medications do a good job of stopping them from watering and itching. Some forms make you drowsy, so be sure to look for "non-drowsy" formulations if you want to avoid that effect.
  • Use drops that add a mast cell stabilizer – Your optometrist in Plano , TX can prescribe these for you. Use them once or twice a day for a prescription-strength dose of anti-allergy effects.
  • Try corticosteroid drops – Like cortisone creams for the skin, corticosteroid eye drops provide powerful itch relief. Get them from your eye doctor.

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While the first three types of treatments are available over the counter, the last two are prescription versions that you can get from your optometrist. Make an appointment at Eye Gallery in Plano , TX today if you haven't had success with OTC medications or allergen avoidance.

The doctor will be able to determine the best medicine to prescribe for your eye allergy treatment, and soon, you'll be able to enjoy the spring and fall without itching, watering, or redness in your eyes.

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