Pinkeye Treatment

Pinkeye, also known as conjunctivitis, is typically caused by an infection of the conjunctiva – the outer layer of the eye. This infection can be viral, bacterial, or even fungal. In most cases, these infections are annoying and possibly painful but will have no serious consequences. Despite this, it's a good idea to go see an optometrist in Plano to make sure that your eyes aren't infected with something more dangerous.

Woman with pink eye needs to see an eye doctor.

Symptoms of Pinkeye

Along with turning the white of the eye pink or red, the infection can cause the eye to water, have a thick discharge, itch, hurt, or a combination of all of these. If you get a discharge that's green or some other odd color, it's a good idea to go to the eye doctor. Such discharges can indicate infections that can endanger your sight.

Viral Pinkeye

When a virus infects your eye, antibiotics won't help. That's because antibiotics only work on bacteria. Therefore, care is limited to steps that help make your eye feel better as your immune system does the hard work of clearing the infection. Eye drops, warm compresses, and cleaning your eyelids can all help. Be sure to use a different compress for each eye and to use fresh, clean compresses each time you do this step.

Bacterial Pinkeye

This type responds to antibiotics, so you can speed up your recovery if you get some from your Plano , TX optometrist. For the relief of symptoms before the medicine has had a chance to work, use the same methods that you would use for viral pinkeye.

Fungal Pinkeye

It's rare for fungi to infect the eyes, but it does happen – and when it does, it can be dangerous. Always go to your eye doctor if you suspect fungal pinkeye. This type of infection often comes from contact with contaminated plant material, such as grasses or twigs. Such material doesn't necessarily have to stick you in the eye to cause an infection. If you've been working in the yard and you touch contaminated plant matter, an infection can be spread to your eyes from your now-contaminated hands. Fungal pinkeye can also result from using contaminated contact lenses, eye drops, or other such things.

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If you're suffering from pinkeye, make an appointment with your optometrist at Eye Gallery in Plano , TX today. Even if the infection is viral, the doctor can give you eye drops and instructions to reduce the discomfort for the duration of the problem.

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