Emergency Eye Care


Should you need emergency eye care in Plano , it is important that you first apply the best home remedy available and visit your local emergency room if that eye care need involves either a chemical burn or a foreign object. Otherwise, visit us at Eye Gallery and see one of our caring and expert optometrists. 

Lack of prompt treatment when there is an injury to the eye may lead to partial loss of vision or at times, permanent blindness.

Things NOT to do Before Visiting a Professional

Though it's tempting there are some things that will likely make the injury worse rather than better. When you have emergency eye care need:

  • DON'T rub or apply pressure to your eye
  • DON'T attempt to remove foreign objects stuck in any part of your eye
  • DON'T use tweezers or any other instrument in your eye 
  • DON'T put medications or ointments in your eye

The best course of action is to visit a doctor and then visit us as soon as possible for a follow-up.

What You SHOULD DO Immediately in the Case of a Chemical Injury

One time you should act at home immediately is in the case of a chemical burn. Cleaning products, industrial chemicals, garden chemicals. and aerosol fumes  should be immediately treated in the following way:

  • Use soap and water to remove any chemicals that may still be on your hands.
  • Turn your head so the injured eye is down and to the side.
  • Carefully hold your eyelid open and flush with cool tap water continuously for 15 minutes. 
  • If you use contact lenses and they are still in your eye after flushing, you should carefully attempt to remove them.
  • While you are in transit to urgent care or the emergency room continue to flush your eye, if possible with clean water until you arrive.

If There's a Small Foreign Object in Your Eye

  • Blink to see if that clears your eye. Whatever you do - DON'T rub your eye.
  • Look behind your lower lid by pulling it down gently. 
  • Flush your eye with artificial tear eye drops or cool water.

Be sure and call us as soon as possible.

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