Importance of Eye Exams

There are a few compelling reasons why you should never overlook the importance of eye exams. When you visit Eye Gallery in Plano, TX, one of our optometrists will provide a thorough eye examination. We will also help you understand why having these exams is so important to your vision. It is our goal to ensure that your eyes remain healthy. Here are some of the reasons why we recommend having your eyes examined regularly.

Importance of Eye Exams

Your Optometrist Can Identify Potential Problems

As you age, your eyes can develop problems that wouldn't affect you earlier in life. This includes cataracts and presbyopia. Even if you have no other health problems you can still develop these conditions. If they are caught early enough these and similar conditions can be treated. If you wait too long to have your eyes examined it may be too late for treatment to be effective. Your eyesight will deteriorate even after seeing your optometrist.

Another thing to consider is that problems with your eyes can also be a symptom of various diseases. While an optometrist can catch eye diseases in advance they can often detect high cholesterol and hypertension. These conditions affect the retina's blood vessels, which can have a profound effect on your vision. These blood vessels can be easily spotted during a routine eye exam.

Help Manage Diabetes

Whether you have diabetes, are in immediate danger of developing it, or have a family history of it, regular eye exams are beneficial to you. One complication it is not uncommon for diabetics to experience is retinopathy. This is the condition that is most likely to cause you to lose your vision completely.  Caught in its early stages, diabetic retinopathy can be successfully treated. Non-invasive treatments can be used, along with the recommended exercise and diet regime. 

Keeps Your Prescriptions Updated

If you use glasses or contacts, you must have regular appointments with your optometrist. Your physical condition may change to the point where your prescription needs to be adjusted for you to be able to see properly. This applies to not only glasses but also contact lenses. Your eye doctor will make sure that your contacts are not damaging your eyes. Incorrect use of contacts can hurt your vision.

Keeping your prescription updated goes a long way in ensuring your safety during activities such as operating heavy equipment or even simply walking down the stairs. Overall, your quality of life is always better when your eyes are healthy.

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