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Here at Eye Gallery in Plano , Texas, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive, affordable eye care for all ages. That's why our optometrist provides a wide range of services, from optometry exams to the latest in corrective eyewear options, to help you and your loved ones enjoy clearer vision for life. Our service include:

Eye exams - Eye exams are hugely important, and not just to evaluate the current state of your vision. Diseases of the eye can cause subtle, progressive loss of vision, possibly even leading to blindness. The earlier we can detect these issues, the earlier you can receive the appropriate treatment from an ophthalmologist or eye surgeon. Eye Gallery routinely tests for glaucoma (a disease that damages peripheral vision), macular degeneration (a retinal disorder that creates blind patches in your field of vision), and cataracts (a clouding of the lens of the eye). Of course we also test your visual acuity to see whether you could benefit from vision correction.

Glasses - Glasses are a tried-and-tried method for correcting visual aberrations such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Our state-of-the-art instruments help us create an accurate prescription for corrective lenses. You can then browse our extensive collection of fashionable frames, get a comfortable fitting, and receive your new glasses all in one place! Our ability to serve as a one-stop shop for eye care makes us the optometry clinic of choice for many Plano residents.

Contact lenses - If you'd rather not wear glasses, you can always opt for contact lenses -- and you'll be amazed at how many choices you have. Modern daily-wear soft lenses are a convenient option for many of our patients. But if you have certain vision issues or lead an active lifestyle, you may do better with extended-wear or extended-wear disposable lenses. We can also create rigid gas-permeable contact lenses.These durable lenses offer extraordinary clarity because they maintain their shape, even when the user blinks. 

Pediatric optometry and eyewear - Children should get their eyes evaluated as early as 6 months of age to check for abnormalities, since the brain is still "learning how" to see. By the time child reaches school age, its critical that vision problems receive the proper correction to prevent eye strain and poor classroom performance. We can monitor your children's eye health and vision while offering colorful eyewear options specially designed for kids.

Pre-operative and post-operative care - While we don't provide eye surgery, we can play an important role in diagnosing your ailment. If you need treatment for a specific disorder, our optometrist will be happy to refer you to an excellent eye disease specialist or eye surgeon. We can also advise on self-care following eye surgery to ensure a complete and comfortable recovery.

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