Sports Vision FAQs

Quality vision can significantly improve an athlete’s athletic performance. Sports vision training allows you to optimize your vision to improve your game. At Eye Gallery, we have shared the benefits of sports vision with residents of Plano, TX for many years. Following are the answers to several questions our optometrist frequently receives regarding sports vision.


What is sports vision?

Sports vision is a term used to describe the visual clarity athletes need to ace their game. Sports vision training refers to methods an optometry specialist can use to help an athlete improve his or her vision in order to enhance his or her performance.

What is the importance of sports vision?

Professional athletes are always looking for ways to improve their athletic performance in order to outdo their competition. Maximizing vision gives an athlete an edge on the field. Regardless of the sport you play, you can benefit from excelling in your eye focusing, tracking, teaming, processing and depth perception skills. Sports vision training can help enhance those skills to make you a greater asset to your team.

Can sports vision training improve 20/20 vision?

Sports vision training can augment 20/20 vision by improving your visual processing, depth perception, eye tracking and other visual skills.

What is the role of an eye care specialist in sports vision training?

Our optometry specialist can work with you in optimizing your vision to improve your athletic performance. Whether you play professionally or at an amateur level, sports vision training can make you more proficient in your game. Our optometrist will first test your visual acuity to understand how well you can see. We’ll also test other aspects of your vision, i.e. eye dominance, teaming, tracking, etc. to determine the quality of your sight. This gives our Plano optometrist an idea of the areas that need improvement.

We’ll then outline a plan for strengthening the visual skills you are weak in. These skills may include:

  • Eye-tracking – your ability to follow moving objects
  • Eye-teaming – how well your eyes work together as a team
  • Depth perception ­– how well you perceive the distance of objects in your line of vision
  • Visual processing – how well you distinguish and react to what’s happening around you
  • Hand-eye coordination – how well your eyes and hands function together as a team

Sports vision training may entail learning eye exercises to strengthen your visual skills or the use of special eyewear or optical gear to improve your visual abilities.

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